Coffee Grinder Reviews

Coffee Grinder ReviewsIf you’re as serious about your coffee as we are, you might purchase yours in whole bean form. You want the freshest experience possible and this means grinding your beans at home. Whether you are looking to purchase your first grinder or upgrade, we’ve done the research for you and present to you our coffee grinder reviews of the best on the market.

We’ve broken our reviews down into the following:

Electric Coffee Grinders: We thoroughly research and test to bring to you the best of the best when it comes to electrical coffee grinders.

Within our Electric category, we aren’t going to recommend the most expensive grinder if it doesn’t deserve it. In fact, the majority of electric grinders on our list are in the $15-$30 range. Unless you’re looking for a luxury machine with all of the bells and whistles, you will mostly likely be able to find an excellent grinder at an affordable price. Some of the more expensive grinders are typically for commercial use. This site is primarily dedicated to reviews of common household grinders.

Manual Coffee Grinders
: For those of you who like to “put a little elbow grease” into it, we also thoroughly research and provide detailed manual coffee grinder reviews. Manual grinders are great for obtaining your exact desired grind. They are not as fast as electric grinders, but are preferred by many for their consistent, uniform grind.

Within all of these categories, we take several things into consideration such as price, quality, features and customer reviews. We strive to make finding the perfect grinder easy by allowing you to browse by type or by average cost. All in all, you will find no bad grinders on this site. There is no wrong choice. If it’s listed here, it’s worth considering as your next coffee grinder.